Creating the top brand ofhigh-quality and healthycondiments


Qianhe Condiment and Food Co., LTD is a professional condiment manufacturing company that specializes in brewing high-quality and healthy soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, and other condiments.


The company has passed quality authentication of FSSC 22000, BRCFS, and products have passed Halal, Kosher, EU organic certified.


Qianhe has many honorary titles such as National High-tech Enterprise and Excellent Private Enterprise in Sichuan Province, and a postdoctoral innovation practice base.


The company covers an area of approximately 132 acres and will continue to expand 100 acres more. The current production capacity is 515,000 tons, and 600,000 tons are being expanded. After completion, the production capacity ranks among the top three in the industry.



  • On March 7, 2016, the company was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code 603027).
  • In 2022, the company’s operating income is 2.4 billion yuan, and its operating profit is 400 million yuan.


  • Proposing the concept of “Zero Additives”

  • In 2008, Qianhe officially launched its first “zero additives” soy sauce series, becoming a pioneer in the field by advocating the concept of “zero additives“ condiments in China.“Zero Additives” StandardWe truly adhere to a policy of not adding any MSG, food coloring, preservatives, or yeast extracts to our “zero additives” condiment series. We aim to set the benchmark for ‘Zero Additive’ condiments.

About Us

Production Capacity

• The investment of 539 million yuan has been completed for the expansion of the soy sauce/vinegar production line, with an annual output of 250,000 tons. As of the end of 2021, the production volume of soy sauce is 320,000 tons, vinegar is 130,000 tons, and cooking wine is 55,000 tons. • The company has a total investment of 1.26 billion yuan for the intelligent manufacturing project of condiments, with an annual output of 600,000 tons. It is expected to be completed before December 2024.”

Raw Material Standards

• Located on the bank of the Minjiang River, the water source comes from the Minshan Snowy Plateau at an altitude of 5588 meters. • Pure salt from Zigong well, 1 kilometer underground. The salt bed has a history of billions of years. • Non-GMO soybeans and wheat are produced in the black soil of Northeast China.

Imported Production Line

“The fully automatic high-speed filling line from Krones, Germany has been installed, with an investment of up to 100 million yuan. The filling capacity can reach 40,000 bottles per hour, with a filling accuracy of 99.9%. The entire production process, from raw materials to finished products, is 100% traceable.”

Smart Warehousing System

We have our own three-dimensional warehouse with a total of 15,800 storage locations that are rotated three times per month. Based on the order of time, the intelligent robotic arm automatically enters and exits the warehouse, following a first-in- first-out (FIFO) system. Only one person is needed to operate the computer to complete the warehousing process.