Caramel Colors are used in a variety of confectionery applications including:

• Chocolates
• Hard candies
• Soft candies
• Jellies

Caramel specialties are Caramels obtained by the controlled heat treatment of food sugars combined with one or multiple other ingredients such as milk, cream, butter, salted butter…

Perfectly heat-stable, they offer various possibilities in terms of taste (from milky to strong Caramel notes), colors (from white cream to dark brown) and texture (viscosity, stickiness…).

They come in both paste and liquid form. Our Caramel flakes are obtained by crushing and sieving food sugars after caramelization to obtain different particle sizes (from 1mm to 5mm).

Cream & butter, cream & salted butter, milk & salted butter…we can meet your targeted product functionalities, look, texture, taste, processing and packaging requirements.

Combined with other ingredients, they can provide an amazing taste to chocolate pieces, tablets, or all kinds of hard and soft candies.

Their technical properties:

• Bake-proof;
• Thaw-stable;
• Freeze -stable;
• As a flake inclusion, maintain segregation between the Caramel and the other ingredients;
• Vegan (for some products)
• Reduced sugars (for some products)

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