solidified soy sauce

solid soy sauce

Sensory perception:
Ingredients List
Brewed Soy Sauce Ingredients:
Water Non-GMO Defatted Soybeans Wheat Edible Salt

Product Characteristics:
Color: Deep, Dark Black
Aroma: Rich, Characteristic Soy Sauce Fragrance
Taste: Fresh, Delicious, Mellow, Savory, and Pleasant
Texture: Creamy, Smooth

Our Solid Soy Sauce offers convenient usage for making liquid soy sauce and can be used as a base for creating other flavorful sauces.

Physical & Chemical Indicators:

Soluble Salt-Free Solid Content (g/100g): ≥ 20.00 (Reference Standard: GB/T 18186)
Total Nitrogen (as N, g/100g): ≥ 1.0 (Reference Standard: GB/T 18186)
Amino Acid Nitrogen (as N, g/100g): ≥ 0.55 (Reference Standard: GB/T 18186)
Table Salt (as NaCl, g/100g): 55.0-60.0 (Reference Standard: GB 5009.44)
Ammonium Salt (as N): Shall Not Exceed 30% of Amino Acid Nitrogen Content (Reference Standard: GB/T 5009.39)
Shelf Life: 18 months


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