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QIANHE Brand Introduction

Qianhe Flavor Industry Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is located in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, the hometown of Dongpo. It is a joint-stock enterprise in China that specializes in brewing high-quality and healthy soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine and other seasonings. On March 7, 2016, Qianhe Flavor Industry was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (code 603027). In 2019, it fully acquired Jinshan Temple Zhenjiang Vinegar


Origin of Name

The name is derived from the famous quote by Su Dongpo: “Countless beautiful sceneries cannot be fully described; the fragrance of rice and grass permeates the heart like pearls.” It also sounds similar to “modesty and harmony,” reflecting the values of humility, practicality, and harmony.


“It expresses Qianhe’s firm belief in people-oriented approach, harmonious coexistence with nature, inheritance of craftsmanship spirit, creating fine products, and bringing healthy and delicious flavors to millions of households.”

Mission & Values


Crafting authentic flavors with passion and innovation

Enterprise Value

Loyalty, filial piety, and integrity

Qianhe’s Franchise Advantages

1. Brand advantage: The company’s development path caters to market demand and is synchronized with national policies. With a forward-looking market perspective, the brand has already taken a leading position in the market
2. Quality advantage: The company has a professional production line, which not only ensures the technological advancement of products, but also ensures the quality of products
3. Talent advantage: The group has a skilled and morally upright inspection and research and development team, providing a solid guarantee for product quality and safety
4. Management advantages: By regularly training and other means, good work methods are taught, and a sound workflow is established to achieve clear division of labor and encourage more work for more
5. Marketing advantages: A comprehensive marketing system, from agent establishment to ultimate profitability, QIANHE Seasoning (soy sauce) franchise company will assign dedicated personnel to guide the market, ensuring that product sales continue to increase
6. Promotional advantages: Strong advertising momentum, comprehensive product packaging, combined with the actual market situation of agents, using various promotional methods to ensure that terminal promotion is in place

QIANHE Franchise Process

1. Franchisees need to understand franchise policies, provide investment and store locations, and fill out franchise application forms
2. The company needs to introduce specific distribution and industry conditions to franchisees, and provide franchise manuals
3. Franchisees shall visit the company, factory, and model market at the agreed time accompanied by relevant personnel
4. After passing the company’s review of potential franchisees, a formal franchise cooperation agreement will be signed
5. The company provides strict relevant training and specific opening guidance to franchisees and employees
6. According to the decoration standards of franchise stores, complete the decoration under the guidance of the company, and the company provides the necessary information for operation
7. The company cooperates to complete logistics distribution, franchise store display, opening and other related matters
8. Timely feedback on business information is required during the operation process, and the company provides guidance on business management and coordinates supply

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