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Single Strength Liquid Caramel Color ZS-500B (E150d) 30KG

  1. CAS Nr.:8028-89-5
  2. EINECS Nr.: 232-435-9
  3. INS Nr.:E150d
  4. Process: Sulfite Ammonia
  5. Ingredients: Water,glucose syrup,Sodium metabisulfite,Ammonium bicarbonate.
  6. Red Index: ≥6.10
  7. Color Intensity (EBC):1.3-1.5
  8. Electrical charge: -
  9. Packaging: PE Drum
  10. Specification: 30kg
  11. Application: All kinds of carbonated drinks, juice drinks, tea drinks, wine, ice cream, jelly pudding, frying powder, various baking products, the product's iso-electric point is lower than the PH value of all carbonated drinks, to avoid the flocculent precipitation after adding;The product has good solubility, acid resistance, alcohol resistance and very stable quality in solution.

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