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Qianhe Zero Additive Soy Sauce 180 Days 150ML 500ML 1L 1.8L

  1. Ingredients:Water, Non-GM defatted soybean, wheat, edible salt (without iodine), sugar
  2. Type:Light Soy Sauce
  3. Ammonia Nitrogen:1.1g/100ml
  4. Specification: 150ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.8L

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Qianhe Zero Additive Soy Sauce

——Savory,healthy,with naturally brewed aroma.
Natural Ingredients :
All Qianhe soy sauce products are made from elaborately selected ingredients: water from Minjiang , Northeast soybeans and wheat, well salt. The materials are all guaranteed GMO-Free.

Zero Additives :
For Qianhe zero additive series, the products contain no additives such as flavor enhancers, colors , or preservatives.

Naturally Brewed :
Qianhe soy sauce is naturally brewed in between six-month and two-year fermentation process. The flavors and aromas are produced in natural and traditional way — without the assistance of any chemicals whatsoever.