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Qianhe Zero Additive Glutinous Rice Cooking Wine 500ML

  1. Ingredients:Rice wine (water, rice, glutinous rice), spices, edible salt (without iodine)
  2. Alcohol: 12.0°
  3. Specification:500ml

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Features of cooking wine :

a. The amino acids in cooking wine can be combined with common salt in cooking to produce sodium salt of amino acid, which will make the fish and the meat food taste more delicious.

b. The amino acids in cooking wine can also be combined with sugar to form aromatic aldehydes, producing an attractive aroma.

c. The esters contained in cooking wine also have aroma, so adding rice wine to cooking can remove odors from the dishes and increase the aroma;

d. Cooking wine also contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, and makes the dishes more nutritious;

e. When cooking dishes such as meat, poultry, and eggs, the cooking wine can penetrate into the food organization and dissolve trace organic substances, so that the texture of the dishes will be more tender.