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Zero Additive Soy Sauce Powder PS001 5KG 20KG

  • Ingredients:Brewed Soy Sauce ( Water, Non-GM defatted soybean, wheat, edible salt ), maltodextrin,edible salt
  • Color:Yellow
  • Ammonia Nitrogen:1.5 g/100ml
  • Packaging:Aluminum bag
  • Specification:5kg x 4, or 20kg x 1
  • Features: Made from naturally brewed Qianhe zero-additive soy sauce as basic raw material, added with maltodextrin for easy rehydration.
  • Aside from the conventional characteristics, it does not contain any food additives, which is healthier and more friendly to human body.
  • Application: Widely used in the production of food and food ingredients, sauces, processing of vegetables and meat products, cooking and seasoning, etc.
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