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Professional One-Stop Solution for Food Processing Industries, Restaurants, Wholesalers, and Retailers.

30 Years’ Experience in the Seasoning Industry

Pioneering Zero-Additive Seasonings for Delicious, Healthy Taste

Since 1996

Qianhe, a trusted brand in China’s food industry, offers diverse seasonings like soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, and oyster sauce.

Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2016,

Qianhe pioneered “zero additive” soy sauce in 2008, leading China’s seasoning market. Our products blend Eastern and Western culinary cultures, delighting consumers in 150+ countries

Crafting Global Flavors with Dedication

In our pursuit of excellence, we Propose the concept of “0 addition”

The “0 Add” product marked by Qianhe does not play text games

Truly achieve the goal of not adding any monosodium glutamate, pigments, preservatives, yeast extracts, and establish a benchmark of zero added seasoning

that embodies a rich legacy of flavor, meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry standards.

We promise competitive prices and assured quality. Our product diversity meets various culinary needs. Our packaging and efficiency guarantee during transportation. We look forward to partnering with you with professionalism and reliability.

Health Assured with True 0 Additives

Qianhe’s “0 additives” products prioritize health, excluding MSG, pigments, preservatives, and yeast extracts without compromising flavor diversity.

Versatile Applications

From food factories to restaurants, our products meet diverse cooking needs, favored by industry professionals. Our new production line offers OEM one-stop service.

Superior Value

Competitively priced with high-quality raw materials sourced from non-GMO soybeans in Northeast China and unique geographic advantages from Meishan, Sichuan, China.

Meticulous Shipping

We prioritize product integrity, using meticulous packaging and transportation methods to ensure safe and timely delivery of each bottle.

Qianhe Zero Additive Condiments

In 2008, Qianhe officially launched its first “zero additives” soy sauce series, becoming a pioneer in the field by advocating the concept of “zero additives“ condiments in China.

Introducing the epitome of purity in flavor: Qianhe Zero Additive Soy Sauce. Our flagship product embodies our steadfast dedication to both your well-being and culinary satisfaction. We proudly lead the industry in China as pioneers of soy sauce without any additives, setting a new standard for excellence.

Beyond Service, We Understand Your Needs

Food industries

  1. We provide basic sauce ingredients such as soy sauce, soy sauce and soy sauce powder to enhance your local production capacity.
  2. Our OEM customization service includes not only soy sauce, but also vinegar, cooking wine and oyster sauce. We have established a dedicated production line, provide customized services, and provide professional R&D cooperation to develop unique seasonings that meet your needs

Wholesale &Retail

We invite supermarkets to partner with us. Currently, we work with Wal-Mart, RT-Mart, Sam’s Club, and other chains. We also seek overseas brand agents, offering one-to-one promotion services. We guarantee product shelf life, source factory export prices, and high-quality packaging to ensure strong sales.

Food Service

Tailored authentic seasoning for the restaurant to enhance the flavor of your dishes.

Ideal packaging size and affordable price, providing the most cost-effective catering seasoning service


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